• Alcad MD-531 Modulator
Alcad MD-531 Modulator

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Alcad MD-531 Modulator


Standard: BB Australia Stereo 
(ITU BS707-4)
Frequency Range:  47-862MHz
Channels:  0..5A,S1..S10,6..12,S11..S41,21..75
Modulation: DSB
Audio/Video input: 2 x RCA Audio, 1 x RCA Video
Extension input (RF):  F female
TV output (RF):   F female
Video input level: 1,0Vpp(75Ω)
Audio input level: 0,2-2,0Vrms(>10KΩ)         
Output level: 84dBµV
Output level adjust: -15dB
Extension input(RF) loss: 0.9dB
Carrier/noise Ratio (C/N): >58dB
Mains Voltage: 240V-50/60Hz, 5VA
Operating Temp: -10..+65°C     
Protection Index: IP 20

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Description TV modulator with stereo audio, which generates an analogue TV channel from the audio and video signals. The generated channel is mixed with the rest of the channels of the TV installation. It modulates the output channel for any channel of the terrestrial band based on the the B/G CCIR standard. Applications It modulates the audio and video signal of a satellite receiver, DVD, video or surveillance camera, in order to distribute it in the TV installation of the house. The audio and video signals are obtained from the scart connector of the video. Characteristics The output channel can be selected by means of switches. Essential features of this equipment are the high carrier to noise ratio together with a very reduced spurious level in the band. Modulation in DSB double side band. F type connector and RCA connector for audio/ video. Accessories 9510066 CR-101 A/V input cable. 9510068 CR-103 Euroconnector cable to RCA stereo. 9

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