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Mission Statement

We will provide branded products and services of superior quality and value that will improve the lives of our consumers. As a result, consumers will reward us with leadership sales, profit, and value creation, allowing our people, and communities to prosper. We believe our customers deserve the best; the best for less. With such a belief, Intact will continue to shape and lead markets.

Corporate Vision

To be a major player in the sales and servicing of all consumer electronics through the supply and provision of high quality brands, that are affordable, reliable and quickest delivery at all times.

The benefits to you

We provide a 12 hour, 6 days a week service, ensuring a total commitment to our customers.  Our expert knowledge combined with our hands on experience means you get the optimum solution to all your technological requirements.  Our products and services are of superior quality at an extremely low 


Our Core Values defines our organizational culture. They are the beliefs and values that Intact holds dear.

We aim to ensure that these values flow on to our stakeholders – our 
Customers, suppliers, team members, and our community.


The desire and the ability of Intact are to provide new, breakthrough solutions to our clients’ needs. We strive for excellence thereby constantly seeking to improve and to better serve our clients. 

Our primary interest is to nurture your dreams, aspirations and needs.  There’s nothing more important to us than our clients. First thing in the morning is our client, and the last thing at the end of the day is our Client. This is why we are opened six (6) days a week, from 8:00 am to 7:00pm and can be reached via email and mobile at all hours. By nurturing a 
Forward-looking vision through positive attitudes, innovative approaches, we will continually affirm the dignity of the services we render to our Community.


Trust us to provide you the best and high quality products. The positive emotional response and joy that our customer feels from interaction with our people, products and services is the reason we are in business. We want our clients to trust us deliver top quality and durable products.


We are a company with a soul. We want our customers to trust in our pricing policy because we are nothing without our customers.


We are committed to the needs and aspirations of the society. A sense of responsibility and contribution to society that defines our existence. We honour our commitment. We keep our promises.


We work in partnership with each other. We value all members of our diverse family for their individual contributions and achievements. Success depends highly effective team.

Upon our ability to perform as a WE BELIEVE YOU DESERVE THE BEST!

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