• Alcad MU-640 Multiswitch
Alcad MU-640 Multiswitch

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Alcad MU-640 Multiswitch - 8 Polarities + TV


Multiswitches for 8 and 16 polarities and terrestrial TV with 8 or 16 outputs,
for installations in cascade. The inputs of the 8 polarities and the terrestrial TV
are amplified. The tap outlets are amplified on the IF satellite band. For 16
polarities, 2 stacked multiswitches of 8 polarities are installed and an external
DiSEqC switch (CN-611) for each output. Power must be supplied from each
individual receiver to feed the switching and amplification of each tap output.
Medium-sized to large MATV and SMATV installations. Enables distribution to
up to 128 TV outlets in a single line, with power supplied only at the head-end
of the cascade. By dividing the installation into lines of 128 outlets and distributing
the 8 or 16 polarities and the terrestrial TV to all the lines, it is possible
to reach more than 2,000 outlets. Distribution in cascade from the first multiswitch,
with 9 or 17 coaxial cables between multiswitches and a single coaxial
cable to each TV outlet. For each outlet, the multiswitch distributes a satellite
polarity as well as the terrestrial TV. For 8 polarities, the polarity is selected
from the individual receiver using the LNB control signals and tone burst or
using the DiSEqC signals (version 1.0 or higher); for 16 polarities, polarity is
selected using only the DiSEqC signals.
Return path included from 5 to 65MHz. Shielded zamak chassis with plastic
supports. F-type connectors. Distances of more than 75m between multiswitch
and outlet. Up to 100 terrestrial TV channels.

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